The Experts in Roof Repairs

Having Problems With Your Slate Roof In Mold?

Our roof repairs team in Mold are ready and waiting for your call if your materials have been damaged by a storm recently. Alternatively, if wear and tear has got the better of your tiles and slates, our roofing contractors can replace them with modern fittings to improve their strength and durability. For your peace of mind, we’ll style match to your other installations for consistency.

Leave the roof repairs to the experts

  • Full roof repairs
  • Part roof repairs
  • Specialising in slate tiling repairs
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Missing tile replacements
  • Modern tiling materials
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Specialists in slate roofing

Slate roofing is our speciality and if you need our experts to come by and assist you, we’d be delighted to help. From repairs to new fittings, we have a range of styles that can make you feel proud to call your house in Mold “home”. We can also make sure your home stays warm!

Improve your home's efficiency

Thanks to our roofing contractors, you can enjoy cheaper heating bills with our modern materials. With slating designed to withstand the cold and heat, your home will be better protected all year round.